• Lay the nappy down on your changing station and place your baby on top. You’ll want the top end of the nappy to lay just above your baby’s bum crack.  
  • Pull the front of the nappy up through your baby’s legs. 

  • Secure the nappy with the waist snaps. The nappy shouldn’t be too tight, and we generally recommend if you can fit two of your fingers between your baby’s belly and the nappy it’s adequate room for movement. 
  • Now you can adjust the rise snaps along the crotch area. Snap them to your desired row (you can take some time to play around with this to figure out which setting is best) and tuck in any excess fabric upwards under the waist area. This will help to prevent leaking at the legs and hips. 

  • Now that the nappy is fully fastened onto your baby, run your fingers along the elastics at the legs to ensure they are tucked into the knicker line. This will also help to prevent leaking along the legs.