Nappy Prep

What do you do when you do get you first fluff mail??

  • Reusable nappies do take prepping when you first get them. Natural fibre inserts contain natural oils and they need a few washes to get rid of these oils and to get the absorbency up. 
  • We recommend to wash new nappies 2-3 times before use but bear in mind full absorbency has not been reached. You may need to change nappy more frequently initially and this will decrease as the absorption grows.
  • They can take up to 10 washes to reach full absorbency. Hemp for example.
  • Washing before use gets rid of all dirt, dust or particles that might be on them from manufacture.
  • New inserts, wash the inserts and covers in a 40 wash with bio or non bio.
  • We recommend Bio powder on a 40 degree cotton wash (takes up to 4 hours depending on machine). Some website recommend non-bio as some bio detergents can contain enzymes cellulase, that break down the natural fibres over time but some brands don’t have this in their formula. Please bare in mind that some nappy brands stipulate to wash their nappies only in non bio. Therefore if using bio you will not have any comeback if you have problems with that brand.
  • Do not wash on eco cycles as they typically use less water in their rinse cycles.

Hemp can take up to 10 washes to reach full absorbency.
Bamboo can take up to 8 washes.