Bubbaflatz Booster

Bubbaflatz Booster

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Used to increase the Absorbency in your reusable nappy.

These boosters are made of Zorb 3d diamond material.

What is zorb? it is a mix of fibre from bamboo viscose, cotton and polyester. It can absorb 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and absorbs 10 times faster than other materials (bamboo, hemp, cotton). Two layers of Zorb is equivalent to 8 layers of flannel or 6 layers of French Terry.

It is super slim yet ultra absorbent. It also dries super fast!

The top layer is a polyester stay dry layer, the middle layer is Zorb and the bottom layer is a soft bamboo.

I fold this in half and place it in a reusable nappy at the front for my boy.

As this is a fast moisture wicking fabric I recommend you place this on top of the nappy as opposed to wrapped inside the preflat layers.

500 Gsm.

Zorb does not reach full absorbency until 10 washes

Fabric composition

Zorb 3d diamond