About Me!

Hi I’m Lisa Marie,

I’m 37 years old, a mother of 2 boys, Finn who’s 5 & Jamie who’s 2. Married to Aidan 7 years this summer. I work full time as an Accountant. 

During my maternity leave and with covid, I had the time to think and become more conscious about the products I used everyday. I started off changing one thing and then another... it was a lot easier than I thought. It’s more about making the effort to change. I documented some of my changes @dear_ecoish_diary My husband thinks I fell out of bed one night and banged my head because all this was so unlike me!

I’m very glad I made the little changes I did for me and my family. The best change of all was to reusable/cloth nappies. I made the change very late though, Jamie was 8 months and I totally wish I made the change sooner (this seems to be the same thoughts as other mothers who have started late). 

I have fallen in love with it... Fallen in love with what??? I don’t know exactly! It’s weird. You can get obsessed.... yes with nappies!! I’m not alone... it’s a real addiction! Plus I love knowing that each nappy I use is one less in the landfill. It’s not about the savings you’d make from making the switch. 

I have become so interested in all the different types and styles and options that are available. All, I knew nothing about a few months ago. I wish cloth nappies was more out there. People not automatically picking disposables cause they don’t know of the alternative. 

So I decided to start my own online shop, selling nappies that I’ve tried and tested, well Jamie has 😳 and I know that works. I know all babies are different, so I hope to cater for all. But I want to be happy with the quality first. 

If you want me to share my cloth journey in more detail, I’d be more than happy to. Since it worked for me it might for you too!! 

I think key is to start slow, buy only a few at the start and ease yourself into it. Don’t buy bundle offers straight away as they might not be the best match for your baby. You do have to find the style u like, the fit, hopefully the absorbency will match too, but if it doesn't, fear not!! we can alway adapt to meet your requirements. Once all this is worked out, then it’s easy peasy!!! The trouble is when you can’t stop buying 😂