Are you going using cloth full or part time?? Your budget. The size and age of your baby. What type of cloth system you plan on using. Your wash routine.

0-3 months use 12 - 15 a day

3-6 months use 8 - 12 a day

6-12 months use 6 -10 a day

12-18 months use 4 - 8 a day

18+ months use 4 - 6 a day

  • Newborns usually requires a nappy change at every feed. This leads to alot of nappy changes and washing but the good news is, this reduces as the baby gets bigger.
  • If you choose an AIO (All in One) system remember these tend to dry slower. Although alot of brands are trying to find ways to speed this up, by not completly sewing the insert into the nappy. 
  • A more economical approach to cloth nappies from newborn is a cover/wrap with a Flat or a Prefold for example, also known as an AI2 (All in Two). As the cover can be wiped down, once not soiled and used again for multiple changes.
  • Cover with Flats, Prefolds and Muslins is not only good for your pocket but drys fast also. So how you dry your nappies also needs to be considered.
  • If you are planning on using cloth from birth and you are not considering a cover and flat option its important to note that Birth To Potty (BTP) nappies usually fits from 8lbs but more closer to10lbs. So you maybe have to invest in newborn nappies at the beginning