Nappy Types

AIO - All in One

  • The absorbency is attached to the nappy.
  • No stuffing required.
  • May be slower to dry as the absorbency is attached. But some brands have devised ways to speed up drying, for example, long tongue or flaps, which leaves air to circulate.
  • Very easy to use and a good one to start of you cloth nappy journey, as no messing involved.
  • Some have pockets or flaps where you can put additional booster if required.
  • You can get both popper and velcro AIO's.

AI2 - All in Two

  • A true AI2 is an efficient way to cloth nappy
  • You have a waterproof cover and you add the absorbency inside - either a snap in insert (snap with poopers to the cover) or you can lay a flat or prefold.
  • When the insert is wet, not soiled, you can wipe clean and add a new inserts, flat etc.
  • The covers can be used 3 - 4 times. Therefore you will not need to buy as many as you would a pocket or AIO nappies.
  • This method is excellent for newborns, as they required frequent and numerous changes. Making this the most economical option.

Pocket Nappy

  • Very popular choice.
  • A two part system - A shell and the inserts.
  • The waterproof shell has a pocket which you can stuff with your desired absorbency.
  • If you like a particular nappy style and fit but not the absorbency, you can change the inserts to suit your baby's needs.
  • They come with a stay dry layer so your baby does not feel damp and uncomfortable.
  • You stuff the nappy pocket with the inserts but you remove from the pocket when washing. To ensure that they get washed properly.
  • Available in both popper and velcro.


  • Another popular choice.
  • This nappy is a blend of two styles. It can be used as an AI2 (inserts laid on top of pocket) or used as a pocket nappy.
  • These nappies come with natural fibre inserts. Bamboo/hemp and microfibre mix can be used once the microfibre is not placed directly onto baby's bum.
  • Note that if your stay dry layer gets wet, its best to change the whole nappy as you cant wipe and reuse like the true AI2.


  • The whole nappy is absorbent.
  • Must be used with a waterproof cover, wrap or pull up.
  • Very popular night time option.
  • Some may come with a fleece layer so your baby will feel nice and dry, if not, I would recommend investing in a few triangle fleece liners. You do not need too many as they dry very fast.
  • As they are fully absorbent - made from hemp and/or bamboo - these are slow drying. Therefore you need to factor this into the amount you may require.