Wash Routine

Wash routine is very controversial!!!

Everyone seems to have their own way that works for them. If that’s you, then excellent.

If not, I’m happy to share my own as it might help or start you off finding your preferred routine. 

I wash my nappies every 2nd day. I store in a lidded bucket.

1st I do a rinse and spin without any detergent and that usually takes 30 mins.

Then I put the nappies on a 60 degree wool wash. I use a spin speed of max 1000 revs. This then could take 3-4 hours on eco cycle.

I use non bio Percil powder. Many people out there use bio and have no problems and they feel it cleans better. Basically bio detergents can contain an enzyme called Cellulase which can over time damage the natural fibres.

Powder is best option because it is more easily rinsed from the nappies, liquid detergents can coat the fibres and affect the absorbency. I don’t use softener as this effects the absorbency over time also.

I do add bio D nappy fresh sanitiser to my 60 wash - about 3 teaspoons only. This has been marked as cloth nappy safe by the UK Nappy Network. This is not required but I have noticed since using it that they seem fresher. You can get this a few places in Ireland for example @ecoanniepooh I get this from my local @quaycoopcork .

I then hang dry the nappies near a radiator on a clothes horse and outside when the weather permits. I found the circular peg hangers for socks very handy to use for the inserts. I don’t have a dryer but I believe you can dry on a very low heat.

Also very important, do a detox of your washing every month. The cloth nappy community on Instagram are excellent for reminding people. If you think of all the washing it does it’s only right it needs a clean too. This will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine.

I use eco egg machine detox tables. Again not at all required but I’ve used them a few months now and the machine sparkles after.

Hope this is of help to people especially those who are starting off. Remember this is not the concrete right way, as there seems to be so many, but this might help you find a routine that suits you.