• Never put microfibre directly onto baby's bum.
  • Put fast absorbing inserts (microfibre/cotton) with high capacity inserts (hemp).
  • Pair the fastest absorbing insert on top (closest to your baby's bum) with the highest capacity insert on the bottom (furthest away from baby's bum/next to waterproof cover).
  • Cotton is an excellent substitute to microfibre. 
  • Prewashing your nappies before use is essential. We recommend 3-5 washes depending on material before 1st use.
  • High capacity inserts (eg Hemp) take longer to dry and also takes longer to prep. Hemp inserts can take up to 10 washes to reach full absorbency.
  • Experiment to find what combination suits best. Levels of absorbency will change over time as your baby grows.
  • Some nappies might not have the absorption you'd like, but the fit is perfect. This is easily fixed with a booster or a change up of inserts.